Some current web sites I helped create…

Colin Harvey Photographer

Long time friend Colin was Principal Photographer at the National Gallery and showcasing here his considerable skills in Fine Art and Landscape Photography. Now living in Norfolk he continues to capture the landscape.

Temperance House Farm Derbyshire

A very fine place to stay with our friends James & Angela Dethick, if visiting Derbyshire’s very scenic Peak District National Park.

Dinky Designs & other family interests locally…

Son Adam is busy with other web sites including one for his wife Lucy for her interest in crafts including crochet of just about everything you can imagine.

Her Dinky Designs Facebook Page

Manor Fields Association web site

Our son Adam produces a web site for The Manor Fields Association he is a trustee of.

The trust preserves the fields, trees and wildlife, lovely for walking the dogs.

Web site Latest news always on

Manor Fields Association Facebook Page

My interests…

Since retiring, somewhat broken, from a communication management career, I’ve had more time to develop my online skills and found a greater interest in photography in the digital era.  

Trish and I love to travel to beautiful places when our troubled world and money allows. We love though being back home as grandparents and having our family close by.

I’ve over the last 25 years designed websites, desktop published leaflets and newspapers for our Community, MP, councillors, fund raising merchandise and online shop for Radio Caroline helped edit and design HORIZON MAGAZINE fan magazine for its last decade.

Now I just walk the dogs, camera usually ready for the local nature! Bill