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Four decades of photos to share on Google Photos. Printed as five Bonusprint books to date below…

1981 to 1990 covering our years in Peterborough from our wedding to the children at school        

1990 to 1994 takes us on to new adventures in Chesterfield for Adam and Zoe and new friends.  

1995 to 2003 finishes the film era and covers up to both kids reaching 18 and adulthood.

2004 to 2014 takes us through love, loss, pets and anniversaries to just before grandchildren

2015 to 2020 Another Generation

2021 to 2022 Grandchildren make us smile

Time flies too fast when you have grandchildren. These little people fix a lot in our hearts but they grow so quickly…

Family albums from 1981 through to 2020 and flashbacks to old family snaps surviving…

Some very old pics of both Barnes and Coe/Taylor families

Barnes Family Archive

Coe & Taylor Family Archive

Christmas 2017 was enjoyable with Lucy’s parents and our new grandchild…

Photo Album of Adam and Lucy’s wonderful wedding day 19th March 2018

19th October 2019 and our third grandchild… Welcome baby Elliot…

Tony Reeve - Sadly passed away 20th April 2020 - Our love to all his family - Their tribute page

Christmas and New Year 2019 into 2020 - Photo album

Trish’s birthday 2015 and then two days later our first grandson George arrived!

Trish’s birthday only two days before George William Smith came into the world. We were of course all delighted.

Bill turning 60.… Fathers Day album of some more pics, dogs included!

August 2016 - Liz & Dave’s Party for retirement, birthday and cake  Album

Lucy’s 30th Birthday in 2017 and a fun garden party at Old Road  Photo Album

June 2012 Vin’s 80th Birthday his and Joyce’s 59th Anniversary… Joyce sadly passed 10th October. Loved and missed

Very proud day back in August 2011 when daughter Zoe married Matthew. Our photos

December 2017 our 36th Anniversary and the birth of Grandaughter Edith Florence Smith…

Vin Coe 1932 to 2021 Much loved and missed

Right a selection from Vin and Joyce’s first four grandchildren album

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Christmas fun with a family gathering at ours Christmas Eve 2018…

Rhys’s surprise family birthday party in Kettering the day after his 21st on 17th June 2022

Vincent Coe 1932 to 2021 much loved and missed as last of our generation of parents to pass

RIP Penny - Adam’s beautiful Viszla Album of our many pics of her and our Viszla Zenon

Adam and Zoe First Year